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5 Things That New Orleans Cleaning Companies Do Differently

Here in New Orleans we live by a different set of rules hence we live a different kind of life compared to other cities up north. Our culture is rich and our food is even richer. We cherish the oldest parts of our town and yet embrace modernism. Due to our unique way of life the cleaning companies in New Orleans run a little differently than in most states. Here is our list:


Cleaning Companies Do It Differently


Clean bars and restaurants

new orleans bar cleaningOur history of alcohol in the city is still present today. Good or bad, bars, taverns and watering holes are a big part of our industry (and some say “charm”). Cleaning companies today almost always have at least one bar or tavern to clean. Since New Orleans bars are open all night it is no surprise that they need a professional cleaning service to help keep it tidy. In that same mix we are seeing more and more restaurants hire cleaners like us to keep up the attention to details that are so needed in fine dining.


Clean short-term rentals

new orleans rental cleaningIt is becoming more and more popular these days. Short-term rentals, bed and breakfast, or rooms for rent, however you refer to them we clean them. As a cleaner in the Greater New Orleans area we have them all as clients. Cleaning short-term rentals is the bread and butter of a local cleaner or cleaning company in the area. Again, due to the rich culture here, we cater to a lot of visitors and owners simply can’t keep up, so they hire companies like ours to help deliver the highest quality cleaning.


Carry higher insurances

new orleans fine business cleaningBecause many businesses’s and homes are likely to have valuable antiques and art on premises we carry higher insurance policies than the typical cleaning company in other cities. Like most locals in the New Orleans area many of our clients are avid art collectors and antique keepers. With that in mind we dust with one hand and hold the art/antique steady with the other!



Clean before and after parties

new orleans before and after party cleaningWe love our get-togethers! Whether we are hanging out with “ya momma an em” or a more formal affair like one of our many cotillions, they often require pre-party cleaning as well as post-party cleaning. Again, not as common in our northern states. We take our parties and gatherings seriously, after all we are the hospitality capital of the world.



Pre dawn office cleaning

new orleans after hours office cleaningDuring Mardi Gras it is not common to have a normal business day with a two hour parade within hours of closing for the day. Cleaning companies like ours are forced to clean the following day early in the morning because the roads were closed by the parade. Any respectable cleaning company delivers its services on schedule, as agreed and part of that is making sure the business is cleaned before the first employee shows the next day, no matter what. We may watch the parade for a few floats to pass, but we are in bed early enough to beat you to the office.


This is by no means a comprehensive list, however as you can see, we have to clean different down in New Orleans. Did we miss one? Let us know your thoughts by commenting or sending us an email.