We work with your schedule! Part-time, full-time, and after-hours (evenings 5-10 pm) work available. Where do you fit? What would you do with an extra $1200/month? Some of our full-time girls earn $900/week. No matter your goal, extra income or better work/pay, we have a place for you. Read the requirements below to see if you have what we need!

Are you a HARD worker who wants to be APPRECIATED for your CONTRIBUTION?? Are you the kind of person that NEVER calls in sick, and wants to be a part of an exciting team? Sick of trading precious family time for nothing more than a crappy paycheck? You just might be in the right place…Before you complete the app below and demand we give you a job, check out the requirements first.

We are only looking for:

• Team players with GREAT attitudes- that’s all we hire and why this is such a great place to work
• People with good transportation, and yeah, you must own it 😉
• Drug-free, felony free and legal to work in the good ol US of A
• Team members who see the value in and enjoy serving others
• Hard workers willing to learn the cleaning business and get their hands dirty

Enough about us- let’s talk about YOU:

• Mother minded family first work culture and schedules.
• ABOVE average pay for ABOVE average effort!
• You wanna work hard and play hard- HAVE FUN at work.
• Recognition and APPRECIATION for HARD work and a FANTASTIC ATTITUDE.
If this is you- go to our website at and complete our online pre-hire application RIGHT NOW.

Please do not send your resume! Yes, NOT sending your resume is your first pre-hire test, we do not want them.

Complete our application below. You don’t want to miss this opportunity and we don’t want to miss out on YOU! GO NOW!

No seriously stop reading and scroll down to begin your application process of working for a great company!


If you have trouble submitting the application digitally you may print the application here and email the completed version back to us at Please use the subject line “application attached”.

Please note that "*" denotes a required field.

Which Job Are You Applying For? *
What type of work are you looking for? There are no wrong answers except what does NOT work for YOU. We have a place for everyone. *

Personality Check

If we aske you to sing us a song describing your personality, what song would you sing? *
What cartoon character most relates to you? *
If you had a super power what would it be? *
Smiling at work is important! Tell us a joke that will surely make the whole team laugh. (the answer is the next question) *
Provide the answer to the joke above. *
When do you thrive? Everyone has a time when they thrive or perform at their peak of happiness during any given day. Tell us yours. *

Tell Us About You!

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Tell Us About What You Do.

Are you employed? *
Have you ever worked with a cleaning company? *
Do you have reliable transportation? *
Can you legally work in the USA? *
When can you start? *

The Boring Stuff (Employment Info)

Please state the names of your present and all previous employers in chronological order for the last year. If you have been self-employed, or are currently self-employed, please tell us about it.
Previous employer details
Previous employer details
Previous employer details
Have you ever been convicted of a felony? *
(NOTE: We are not going to not hire you for this alone, but we must know everything)
If you have been convicted of a felony give us the dirt.
Highest education completed? *


Please provide 3 references who are unrelated to you. Include the name, contact number and the type of reference (personal or professional)
Reference 1
Reference 2
Reference 3

Pre-employment Requirements

I agree to be Drug/Alcohol Tested *
Your Desired Salary? ($0.00/hour) *

Certification By Applicant

I hereby authorize NOLA Maid Cleaning LLC. (hereinafter “NOLA Maid”) and its representatives, agents, employees or designees to contact my current or any previous employer for the purpose of requesting any and all information concerning my previous employment and any pertinent information which they may have concerning my employment. I also authorize NOLA Maid and its employees, agents, representatives, and designees to investigate all statements contained in this application for employment decision. I further authorize all present and former employers, along with the personal references listed in the application to give NOLA Maid, its employees, agent, representatives and designees’ any and all information concerning my previous employment with said employers.

I understand that NOLA Maid requires certain applicants to undergo a post-offer, pre-employment physical examination, functional capacity testing and drug test as a condition of employment. I hereby give my consent to any such test or examination and consent to the release of the results of any such test or examination to NOLA Maid. I understand that information provided to NOLA Maid may be disclosed.

I understand that the submission of this application for employment to NOLA Maid does not create a promise of employment or the creation of an employment contract or a term of employment. I understand that if I become employed with NOLA Maid that any employment relationship with NOLA Maid will be of an “at-will” nature. This means that I, as an employee, have the right to resign at any time with or without cause and with or without prior notice. I further understand that this “at-will” employment relationship may not be changed by anything anyone tells me or by any written document or conduct or representation unless I am provided and execute a written employment contract signed by the president of NOLA Maid.

I understand that in submitting this application that it will considered active for no more than one year. If I intend to be considered for employment thereafter, I must reapply for a position with NOLA Maid. I understand that false information, information that NOLA Maid considers to be misleading, or the failure to provide a complete response to any question, whether on this application or in an interview with NOLA Maid’s representative(s), will disqualify me from further consideration for employment. I understand also that if NOLA Maid subsequently determines, after I am hired, that I either failed to provide necessary information, provided misleading information, provided false information, this determination should be satisfactory reason for NOLA Maid to terminate my employment.

I certify that all information stated in this application is true and complete. I have read and understand the foregoing statement contained in this section entitled “Certification by Applicant.”

Certification by Applicant *
I certify that all information stated in this application is true and complete.
Please type your full name to acknowledge that you understand and agree. *

Please tell us how you heard about the job.

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