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Top 10 Cleaning Tips for the Whole Home

It’s time to get started cleaning your house! But, where do you even start? It’s a daunting task to take on, so you need to get your head in the game and set up a plan before you go. I want to give you some tips that will help you clean your house more quickly, and to do a better job of it.

Top 10 Cleaning Tips for your Home

1. Use a Microfiber Dust Cloth

Dusting your house with a traditional feather duster will just move all the dust around from one place to another. If you want to really clean, you need to pick up the dust to remove it completely. A microfiber dust cloth is a good choice, since it will collect the dust as you wipe. You can shake it off outside to wash it to get rid of dust for good.

2. Choose the Right Cleaning Products

General purpose cleaners aren’t the only thing you need in your home. Some jobs require more specific cleaning products. For example, you may want to use a strong tile cleaner in the bathroom while using a softer solution in the kitchen. Mineral spirits are excellent for wooden furniture, whether it’s treated or not, and acid-based cleaners work wonders on rust spots in the toilets and porcelain or ceramic sinks.

3. Do the Floors last

When you’re cleaning up the whole house, it’s obvious you’re going to knock dust, dirt, and small trash onto the floor. To make sure you get the place really clean by handling floors last, once everything that’s going to fall has already landed.

4. Spend 5 – 15 Minutes Tidying Up Daily

It might not sound like much time, but if you just devote a few minutes of your day to general tidying up, your house will stay a lot nicer between clean-ups. Don’t vacuum or dust in this time, but use it to pick up items that are scattered around and around the house to look neat again. That way, when you do clean everything is already out of the way and off the floor.

5. Keep a Basket for Things that Don’t Belong

In the living room, keep an empty basket handy to place all the things that don’t belong in a certain room. Carry that basket around and collect everything, then return it all at once from the basket.

6. Wipe Glass with Newspapers, Not Rags

Cleaning mirrors and inside glass with a rag can leave streaks. Using newspapers will cut down on the streaks and provide a better end result. Squeegees also work wonders, but may be too messy to use indoors.

7. Give Every Item a Unique Home

If you own something that doesn’t have a place it belongs in your home, you may consider getting rid of it. A good example is clothing. When you own too much clothing and can no longer fit it all in the closet and dressers, it’s time to declutter! When everything has a home in your house, it will be easier to tidy up and keep the place clean.

8. Balance Home Humidity Carefully

Too much humidity can cause mold and moisture issues. Use a dehumidifier to combat the problem, especially in basements and throughout the summer in wetter areas. On the opposite side, too little humidity might harm your health, so you can use a humidifier to get the levels balanced when it’s too dry.

9. Collect Dirt with Doormats

One of the biggest sources of dirt is shoes that come from outside. Politely ask people to remove their shoes when they come inside, and place them on the doormat. This will help to contain the outside dirt and keep it from spreading around your floors.

10. Remember to Clean Your Equipment

Your cleaning supplies are what you use to make sure your home stays spotless, but how often do you clean them? If you have a dirty mop or dusting cloth, it’s hard to expect a sparkling clean result. Clean your equipment regularly, so that your hard work cleaning the house won’t be wasted!


Don’t make cleaning a harder job than it has to be. Put these 10 home cleaning tips into practice for an easier time doing a hard job! For even more ideas about cleaning your house, check out the full list of 53 innovative tips for successful house cleaning.

Written by: Janie Newell